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Yale ReiSoleil

Yale ReiSoleil, Chairman & CEO

Yale is a Registered Investment Adviser and was the first Investment Manager in Southern Nevada for both Securities and Exchange Commission purposes (SEC) and for the Secretary of State of Nevada Registrations.

From 2003-2004, Yale ReiSoleil was a member of the Henderson Finance Community Development Block Grant and served on the Program Advisory Committee.

Yale acts as an international investment banking Project Producer and money manager. He advised on a number of mergers and acquisitions for several Chinese companies.  He also manages institutional and private investments with full discretionary power in the USA.

In October 2000, Yale was featured by Las Vegas Review-Journal in a front-page report, "Nevadan at Work."

He lives in both USA and China.

email: yale.reisoleil at ipo-uk.com

Henry Yin

Henry Yin, Executive Director

Henry is Executive Director of IPO UK Limited.

Starting as an insurance lawyer, Henry became a seasoned deal maker prior to join IPO UK. He has extensive experience in real estate finance and development, corporate finance, M&A and IPO listing.

Henry has led several major corporate restructuring, construction BOT and sovereign loan projects in China, Hong Kong, Laos and Cambodia.

email: henry at ipo-uk.com

Anthony Delgado

Anthony Delgado, Director

A thirty year retired US Amy Officer, Mr. Delgado is an educator and an International Trade Consultant who published International Export and Import Sourcebook Directories.

He was former owner of EXPORT/IMPORT Research Center in Las Vegas and President of US/International Business Referral Centers, Inc.

Tony is a Director of YaleFudns Management and Research Co.

email: tony at ipo-uk.com

Solomon O. Odusanya Jr.

Solomon O. Odusanya Jr., VP of Business Development, Africa

A seasoned Business veteran, Mr. Odusanya has vast experience in business management and international relations.

His interest include  commodity trading, providing funding, finance-leasing and business consulting services for Oil & Gas Projects. He is highly connected with different governments in Africa and acts as liaison between government and private sector. 

Solomon is also Managing Partner with Solodot & Well Water group.

email: solomon.odusanya at ipo-uk.com